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Project A3001 - Built 2018

ABS Class

✠A1, Self-Elevating Unit, ✠AMS, ✠ACCU,

✠DPS-2, CRC "Unrestricted Service"


BT Titanium Pte. Ltd. (BTTPL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Investment Pte. Ltd. and was incorporated in 2016.

The company current owns and operates with its key asset, a State-of-the-Art DP2 liftboat, M/V Blue Titanium, which was designed and constructed by Baker Engineering Pte. Ltd. Blue Titanium was delivered on the 19th April 2018 and became operational ever since.

BTTPL strives to be the market leader in providing quality liftboat services that suit the needs of the ever-changing environment within offshore industry. 



Dynamic Positioning


Accommodation Berth


Tons Lifting Capacity


Feet Leg Length


Type               : Class 320 Liftboat

Model             : BEL320-4R200S Liftboat 

Hull No           : Class 320 Liftboat
Builder              : Baker Engineering Pte. Ltd
Designer           : BEL Design Pte. Ltd.
Owner               : BT Titanium Pte. Ltd.

General Dimensions:
Length of Main Deck                        64.00m
Overall Length incld. Helideck         79.00m
Breadth of Main Deck                      40.00m
Depth of Main Hull                             6.20m
Leg Length incld. Spudcans              97.5m
Leg Outer Diameter                           3.66m
Operating Draft                                  4.00m
(spud cans fully flushed with hull bottom)
Helicopter Deck sized for Sikorsky S61N/S92

Design Loads:
Variable Load                                 1500MT
Main Deck Loading                       10MT/m2
Total Deck Area (useable)                900m2

Design Temperatures:
Stell Structure Design Temp         -10 Deg C
Min Air Temp                                -10 Deg C
Max Air Temp                              +55
 Deg C

General Dimensions:
192 POB in single, double and 4 men rooms

144 POB in 4 men rooms, 336 Total POB

Jacking System:
NOV Electric Rack and Pinion Jacking System

0.9 m/min for jacking with load

1.8m/min for jacking without load

Lifting Equipment:
One (1) Huisman Deck Crane;

main hook  300MT @ 15.0m with a 30MT whip hoist

(Afloat lifts of up to 160MT)
One (1) Sea Hercules Kingpost Crane;

main hook 38.8MT @ 7.5m with a 10MT whip hoist
Aft and Port/Stbd Embarkation Gangways


Four (4) sets of Cummins Main Diesel Engine each rated @ 1700eKW
One (1) unit of Cummins Emergency Diesel Engine rated @ 550eKW

Class               :  American Bureau of Shipping
                          Classification ✠A1,

                          Self-Elevating Unit, ✠AMS, ✠ACCU,

                          ✠DPS 2

                          Unrestricted Service

                          ABS ID YY258177

Flag                   : Singapore

IMO No.             : 9779862

Tank Capacities:
Freshwater Tanks                               200cu.m
Drillwater Tanks                                 480cu.m
Brine Tanks                                        300cu.m
Diesel Oil Tanks                                 441cu.m
Diesel Oil Day Tanks                         22.8cu.m
Lube Oil Tank                                     4.8cu.m
Grey Water Tanks                                89cu.m
Contaminated Drain Tank                    34cu.m
Waste Oil Tank                                    54cu.m

Trim Tanks                                       1098cu.m

Machinery Systems:

Submersible Hose Reels, Loading/Offloading
Stations, Anchor Mooring Winch System,
Leg Jetting System, Oily Water Separator
Vacuum Sewage Treatment Plant, Fuel Oil
Purifier, Fresh Water Maker

Communications System:

PAGA, PABX Telephone, LAN System, CCTV
System, GMDSS Area 3

Environmental Criteria:            Operation       Storm

Water Depth max (m) :                67.0             40.0
Wave Height max (m) :                  4.0              9.0
Wave Period (s) :                           7.5            12.5
Current @ surface (knots) :            1.3              1.3
Wind Speed (knots) :                   70.0          100.0
Leg Penetration (m) :                     3.9              3.9
Air Gap (m) :                                10.7            10.7
Variable Load (MT) :                   1500            1500
Legs can be lowered in sea conditions in up to 2m significant waves, 2 knots current and 25 knots wind

Propulsion & Positioning System:
Three (3) 1000KW azimuth aft thrusters
One (1) 500KW retractable and one (1) 500KW tunnel fwd thrusters
All Schottel thrusters are driven by VFDs
6 knots transit speed in calm sea conditions
Kongsberg DPS 2 and Vessel Management System

Safety & Navigations Systems:

Fire & Gas Detection and Fire-fighting Systems meeting MODU and SOLAS requirements
2 x 150 and 2 x 50 men fully enclosed Lifeboats, 1 Rescue Boat and Liferafts




Information To Public
DJI_0031 Good.jpg

The Safety Case for the Blue Titanium has been compiled by the Director of BT Titanium Pte.Ltd and serves the purpose of a regulatory document and complies with the following regulations whilst operating in the territory of Brunei Darussalam:

  • The Workplace Safety & Health (Facilities) (Control of Major Accident Hazard) (Amendments) Regulations, 2017


The Safety Case for the Blue Titanium is intended to demonstrate that all hazards associated with the operations have been identified and that suitable measures are in place to ensure that the associated risks are reduced to a level that is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) and has been submitted and approved by the Competent Authority.

Safety Case


Our Safety Case

This is the Safety Case for the Blue Titanium while it is operating within the sovereign territory of Negara Brunei Darussalam. This Safety Case has been prepared by BT Titanium Pte Ltd to satisfy the Brunei Government statutory requirement that the Blue Titanium liftboat is safe to operate and will not endanger human safety or life or harm the environment.


May 15, 2018

Baker Technology Limited

Announcement on the incorporation of an Indirect Wholly-Owned Subsidiary in Brunei Darussalam.

May 02, 2018

Baker Technology Limited

Baker Technology Limited, First Quarter 2018 Results, Financial Statement and Related Announcement (First Quarter 2018 Results, Financial Statement).

March 01, 2018

Baker Technology Limited

Time Charter Contract for Liftboat

The Group has secured a time charter contract for its Liftboat, the Blue Titanium. The Liftboat will be deployed in Southeast Asia to support rejuvenation works for oil and gas platforms for a National Oil Company. It is to be deployed in the later part of the 2nd quarter of 2018. This charter is expected to contribute to the Group’s financial performance for the financial year ending 31 December 2018.

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Head Office

10 Jalan Samulun

Singapore 629124

Main: (+65) 6637 9799

Fax: (+65) 6261 8859


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Main: (+673) 333 6677


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